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Technoinfo is a blog meant to provide information related to making money online and solutions to WordPress CMS related problems.

 About Me

virender pal singh

Hello there, I am Virender Pal Singh and I run this blog. I love surfing internet for knowledge. After finishing my graduation in ECE from Jaipur Enginnering College, Kukas, Jaipur,  I worked as RF engineer in a company from Noida.

But I was always fascinated by programming and coding. That is why  I decided to look for my career in website development. So I left my job and came to Jaipur and started learning PHP with one of my friend. After learning some basic concepts from him I started self study searching Google for hours.

In this blog I write about various problems I have faced myself while developing websites for my clients. At present I am working as web developer and designer via Odesk.com and Elance.com. I work as full time freelancer from my office at Hanumangarh, Rajasthan. I started bogging from 2013 as a hobby and I am looking forward to growing my blog further.