Why ajax not working in admin panel ?

Many plugins in wordpress uses ajax for its functioning. Sometimes ajax function do not work properly in admin panel. It may be working properly in the past but then stops without any visible reason.

So here we are going to discuss the possible reasons for this particular error. You may try all the things mentioned one by one to sort out the problem.


Possible reasons behind ajax error in admin panel:

  • Did you pasted a new code in your theme’s functions.php? Try after removing that code.


  • It happened after installing a plugin? Try after removing that particular plugin. If you really need that plugin on your theme, check support/faq provided by plugin.


  • Use “define( ‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false );” in wp-config.php file of your installation.


  • For those who are creating a plugin and page reloads without using ajax: check if you are using  “jQuery(“#apiDataValues”).submit(function() {adminSettingsSave(‘#apiData’); return false}); ” Here return false; is a m ust as it stops the default action of page reload.


I hope this will help you. Please try these one by one. Any of these may work for you depending on the issue. Use comments to ask about a particular problem.


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