Best websites for premium wordpress themes.

Are you looking for best premium wordpress theme selling websites?

WordPress is among the most used CMS ( Content Management System ) for web development. It is known for its flexibility. There are a lot of websites that sell themes for wordpress and free themes are also available. Themes provided by these websites just needs to be installed and add content of your choice to it. You don’t need to know coding for that but prior knowledge of administration panel is required.



Why choose premium themes when free themes are available ?

There are thousands of free themes available for websites. Why people buy premium themes? Lets find out answers to these questions.

Support and updates are required to run a theme smoothly and keep it updated with time. WordPress keeps changing its versions. So the functionality may change with these changes. Free themes do not provide support and updates. WordPress is a platform that can be as flexible as you want it. And its flexibility is controlled from its admin panel. You will find that its easy to edit content from its user friendly admin panel. You don’t need to edit code. Free themes have a limitation on doing this. Although you will be able to edit content but it will not be that flexible. Some premium themes provide visual editor that enables you to create website’s pages just by dragging blocks here and there. Other than better functionality they have a great designs. Premium themes provides various templates for website pages. Templates enables user to create all pages with different layout. I myself have used Divi theme from and its functionality is awesome. Here is a screenshot explaining it better.

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Websites providing best premium templates.

These websites can be divided in two parts on basis of cost i.e the way they charge you. They are pay per theme and pay once for all themes .

Pay Per Theme – In these type of websites you may sign up and buy themes with individual cost. Each theme has a fixed price. You may select any theme according to your needs. Now pay for this theme and download it. These type of website’s are best for those who want’s website for their company, portfolio or any type of individual use. These themes have restriction for single use. Price of these themes varies from $15 to $55 depending upon design and functionality.

Best website for this type is Themeforest.

Pay once for all themes – Some websites offer you to sign up once and provides access to all themes for an year . You may download as much themes you want. There is no restriction on use of these themes. You may use it on as many websites you want. This type of membership is preferred by developers. Developers signup to these websites and download as many themes for their client. Some websites in this category provides various membership levels. Pay more and get more access to psds and html files of themes. Membership may cost from $39 to $249.

Best website for this type is ElegantThemes.


Which type should I opt for ?

As you might be having an idea now for this. Pay Per Theme is best for those who are looking for 1 or 2 or 3 themes and not more. But if you need more than that this might be costly for you. But if you are ready for this then you may opt for this type.

For developers Pay Once for All Themes is best as they need to use a number of themes daily. This type enables them to work with a good quality theme at lower price. They can modify themes according to client’s need. They may use plugins for missing functionality in these templates.



There are a lot of themes available for wordpress. You may opt for free or premium themes depending upon your needs and budget. You need to spend some time browsing through various themes. So choose wisely the theme with best functionality and minimum cost.

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