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Background CSS property not working in Safari or MAC OS?

Did you tried applying background to a button or link using CSS background property and it didn’t work ? If yes, you might have tried a number of solution so far. None worked? You must have noticed that none of the following CSS properties worked on that particular link or button. – background – background-image – background-color –

How to make background image responsive using css?

Responsiveness of website matters a lot these days. Users visit website via various gadgets of different screen sizes. So while making website responsive you need to work on background images too. This can be achieved easily by using a css property ” background-size ” Lets do it with an example : [crayon-5b2af1fd0e20c618907111/] [crayon-5b2af1fd0e21b339089442/] Here ”

Selecting a particular list item in an unordered list using css

While working with unordered lists in HTML we sometimes need to apply certain css properties to particular list items. So how select first or second or any list item in an ordered or an unordered list? Here we will discuss about two methods to achieve desired results. 1. Using :nth-child() list item approach suppose you

Text selection color change using css

Text selection color is used because they separate selected content from rest of the content on page. This can also add to look of the website if you select better color combination. So how to change text selection color?  Text selection color can be changed using css properties as shown below. [crayon-5b2af1fd0fc33270670106/]    

Apply css to placeholder text of an input type

Placeholder text needs to be styled to match website’s look and feel. Mostly placeholder color is changed. Wondered how to change placeholder text color, font, font-size etc? This can be adjusted by using a small code snippet. Just copy and paste below written code in your website’s stylesheet file. [crayon-5b2af1fd1004f964596110/] Default color for placeholder is