How to get approved for google adsense ?

Google Adsense is most paying, so most loved affiliate program available till date. Now a days people build websites keeping Google Adsense in mind. So Google is very choosy about its affiliates. They check applicant’s website twice to ensure they are selecting right person. You need help for getting approved for google adsense? So how to get approved by/for Google Adsense? what are the tricks for google adsense approval? Before we go on to discuss steps for getting approved, lets discuss google’s policy.


Why Google Adsense has a strict policy for selecting affiliates ?

Not everyone is a serious blogger. Some people just copy paste content from other blogs to make money. They keep registering new blogs and applying to various affiliate programs. So if a company approves these kind of bloggers, its value among advertisers degrades. Google is not among those who compromises with quality. So they have started 2 step verification.


Two steps in Google Adsense’s verification

First Step Verification : In first step verification google adsense verifies ownership of the website. So your application should have same name and address as you submitted for your domain registration.

Second Step Verification : In this step google verifies if your website follows AdSense policies and Google Webmaster Guidelines. This consists of design, content, domain age etc. We will discuss about these below.


Tips for getting approved for Google Adsense account.

  1. Website registration info is same as the one in your google adsense application.
  2. Design of your website is appealing to user.
  3. Content of your website should be original and not copied from other blogs.
  4. Content quality should be high and it should not contain pornographic material.
  5. Size of content should be at least 500 words per article.
  6. Website should be view able on all platforms ( Mobile and Desktops  ).
  7. Your website should have about 10 – 15 quality posts.
  8. It should have about, privacy policy and terms & conditions page.
  9. Connect your website with Google Analytics and Google Webmasters.
  10. If you are from Asian country then domain age must be atleast 6 months.



Its not an easy task to get google adsense approval. But if you are a serious blogger, then you may follow above rules and can get your website approved. Hard work is the only option that will last you long as google keep checking your website even after you get fully approved.



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