How to edit, delete or fix a duplicate slug in wordpress ?

Slugs are used to create a readable and SEO friendly permalinks. Sometimes we unknowingly create similar slugs in categories. This creates problems in some of the common wordpress functions. For example pagination in wordpress is affected by this. So you need to edit or delete duplicate slugs in wordpress.

This can be easily done by log in into admin panel of your wordpress website.

How to find duplicate slugs in wordpress categories ?

To find duplicate slugs in a category go to

Posts > Categories

You will see a list of categories. This list have various columns such as Name, Description, Slug and Posts etc. We need to check the list under Slug. In this list all you have to do is look for a category with ‘somecategory-2’. This is a way to identify duplicate slug.

How to edit, change, fix and or duplicate slugs in wordpress?

After identifying duplicate slugs, edit or change that particular slug. You will see a text input showing the slug as label and you need to edit or change that.

To delete a slug you will see an option saying “delete”. If you want to delete it make sure that you assign posts under that category to a new or existing categories otherwise it will not be shown under any category list.


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