How to force https or ssl in a wordpress website?

Https or Ssl is very important when you are using some sensitive information or payment transfer in your website. Security is an essential part of website development. First of all you need to install a ssl certificate in your hosting. You may purchase it from hosting company or some other companies. SSL means Secure Sockets Layer and HTTPS means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure or Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.  After installing ssl we need to activate it via our website.

How to force https in wordpress blog or website ?

 1. Force https using .htaccess file: Place following code above present .htaccess code.

 2. Use a plugin for wordpress: Wordpress https is the plugin that I recommend because I have used it on many websites and its result is very good so far. You may download this plugin here.

Problems forcing https in wordpress website ?

If you still don’t see green ssl notification bar in browser’s address bar just before website address then you might have some other problems. If you are using google chrome check the meaning of current notification here.

Now if it shows ssl installed but not working because of unsecured content in your website’s page then follow these steps:

Export the website’s database and replace with and overwrite the current database with this updated one. Don’t forget to keep a backup first. So that if something goes wrong you may restore it.

Now go to admin panel and check every image uploaded for http:// in its url and change it to https://. You may need to check menu and widgets too. So basically there should be a https in every address.


I hope this is going to help you. If it still doesn’t work let me know via comments. I’ll be happy to help you!



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