Must have wordpress plugins.

WordPress is a strong platform itself and it is even more usable when available plugins are used properly. There are various plugins available according to your needs. But some of the plugins are of great use in every website. Some features like security, seo, social sharing, visitor’s stat, spam control etc. are needed by every website.

So lets go through our list:


1. Better WP Security

Security is top priority as we need to be safe from hackers. There are a lot of bad guys trying to make easy money via unethical hacking. This plugin keeps those guys away from your website’s files. It even changes the link for login to website’s admin panel.

Download link:


 2. Jetpack

As the name suggests just wear it and fly. It contains a lot of features such as social sharing, subscription via email, visitor’s stat, mobile theme, video upload and many more. Visit the link below to go through its all features.

Download link:

Note: You need to register, at using your email id, to use its features.


3. All in one seo pack

Search engine optimization for wordpress is best done via this plugin. It provides you control over all features essential for seo. They keep upgrading it at regular interval. It also contains a feature Social Meta that allows you to manipulate content for social sharing.

Download link:


4. Redirection

This plugin is very essential for all type of websites. It redirects user  if visited link is broken or you want to redirect from a specific url to target url. It is very good practice to use this feature as it improves the user experience. Seeing a 404 error is very frustrating for a visitor.

Download link:


5. Ninja Forms

Ninja forms is a plugin that allows you to create a customized forms. You may create a form according to your needs in admin panel.

Download link:


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