How to delete or remove spam, trashed or approved comments/trackbacks in bulk from wordpress database?

Do you want to remove thousands of spam comments and trackbacks in your wordpress blog or website ? When a blog has more than 1000 of comments as spam or trash or approved by mistake, it becomes very tough task to delete them from wordpress admin panel. In this case you need to delete it

Skype shows online status but doesn’t work?

Sometimes you can log into skype and everything seems to be working perfectly. But when you try to communicate with online people you can’t? I faced this problem for about 15 days. I did searched internet for hours but could not get it working. When I restarted my laptop sometimes skype worked but most of

How to add custom page template in wordpress?

What is a custom page template? In wordpress a custom page template is used to create different layouts for different pages. If we are using a page.php then we need to apply code in it for each page using its id ( if they don’t have common layout ). Custom page template helps when you

Jetpack in wordpress shows xml_rpc-32700 on connecting?

“Your Jetpack has a glitch. Something went wrong that’s never supposed to happen. Guess you’re just lucky: xml_rpc-32700 Try connecting again. Error Details: The Jetpack server could not communicate with your site’s XML-RPC URL. Please check to make sure is working properly. It should show ‘XML‑RPC server accepts POST requests only.’ on a line by itself

Why ajax not working in admin panel ?

Many plugins in wordpress uses ajax for its functioning. Sometimes ajax function do not work properly in admin panel. It may be working properly in the past but then stops without any visible reason. So here we are going to discuss the possible reasons for this particular error. You may try all the things mentioned

custom post type not showing on archive.php and/or single.php pages in wordpress?

Custom post type are not appearing on archive page and single page. Even when using archive-post_type.php and single-post_type.php?  When you preview post it shows “not found” or “404 error” ? How to show custom post types? There may be a lot of reasons for custom posts not being shown. Here we are going to check

How to add custom post types in wordpress ?

What are custom post types in wordpress ? Custom post types are a way to manage posts in an efficient way. Suppose your website have different products like cars, bikes, bicycles etc. You post about these but you want them to be arranged in different formats on front end. You may create different archive page