Skype shows online status but doesn’t work?

Sometimes you can log into skype and everything seems to be working perfectly. But when you try to communicate with online people you can’t?

I faced this problem for about 15 days. I did searched internet for hours but could not get it working. When I restarted my laptop sometimes skype worked but most of the times it did not. I decided to troubleshoot it on my own.

I installed and re installed it several times. I even deleted its data from Appdata on my windows 7 ultimate. Nothing worked. I started keeping an eye on various softwares that starts automatically when windows starts.  I tried by disabling auto start for each program one by one. It didnt worked!

I was sick of this. I communicate with my clients using skype so I was loosing clients because of it. I thought about re installing windows on my laptop but it had a lot of data here and there and about 30-40 very important softwares installed. It was going to be too much time consuming.

I was about to act on this thought. Suddenly I saw a notification popping up from adobe reader for updating software. I thought may be disabling it will make skype work. So I did that and to my surprise skype worked perfectly!

I restarted my laptop and tried it several times by disabling adobe updater and it proved to be a cause for my misery. Now it works properly.

I am writing this article just to help those who are feeling sick of this problem.


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