WordPress Tutorial – Installation – Chapter 2

In this wordpress tutorial we are going to discuss wordpress installation. WordPress provides a .zip file that contains cms in it. Now you may install it locally using wamp/xampp or on online server. I will discuss offline installation of wordpress i.e. using wamp / xampp.

Steps in wordpress installation

  • Download wordpress zipped package from http://wordpress.org/download/
  • Now extract zipped package and place it in www folder of wamp or htdocs folder of xampp.
  • rename it to your website name for example “Holiday”.
  • Now in your browser goto localhost/phpmyadmin and create a database ( wamp/xampp should be started prior to this).
  • Now you should need following info to proceed:
  1. Database name ( the one you have created in phpmyadmin )
  2. Database username ( root for wamp and xampp i.e. offline )
  3. Database password ( leave blank for wamp and xampp i.e. offline )
  4. Hostname ( localhost for wamp and xampp i.e. offline  )
  • Now goto browser and open link localhost i.e. homepage of wordpress.
  • Click our project under name “Holiday”.



  • Create a configuration file.

WordPress- Error


  • Fill database details we discussed earlier.

WordPress › Setup


  • Now run the install.

WordPress run install


  • Fill general information needed.

WordPress final Installation

  • Now go to localhost/holiday in your web browser. You will see a default template.

So our wordpress is installed successfully.

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