Wamp server error: “Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server” solution.

Wamp server often shows this error when it is newly installed or is re installed. You will see forbidden error in wamp server no matter how many times you have installed it.

As this error itself states that it is related to access. Your wamp server should allow access when you write “localhost” in your browser. Now to solve this mystery we can do two things. One is just change in address written in browser. While other is related to inner files of wamp server.

Solutions for wamp server forbidden error:

Solution 1 You may access wamp server by using in your browser address bar instead of localhost. This just a simple solution and works for all. But if you are fan of writing localhost to access wamp server you may try the 2nd solution.

Solution 2 To apply this solution you need to edit the wamp configuration files. To edit this file follow:

Wamp -> alias -> phpmyadmin.conf

Now open this file in any text editor. The code in this file will be something like shown below:

Now change this to

Notice the difference between two code snippets. You will find that only changes are done in writing allow and deny. This method doesn’t works for all. The solution 1 is for everyone.

I hope it helps.

Happy Coding!



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